(Photo Ross Maxwell)

The current owner of B19 CH-DBE-03 since 2003 is Ross Maxwell.

It wasn't a great start for the Richard Shardlow-owned, Paul Watson Racing Organisation-entered car when it failed to start the 1971 BOAC 1000kms following engine problems. Things didn't improve a lot in the next two races when at the Salzburgring Larousse qualified 13th but retired on the 1st lap of the first heat with fuel pressure problems and at the Martini Trophy Larousse qualified 7th but retired on the 31st lap suffering from water loss.

(Photo Ross Maxwell)
(Photo Ross Maxwell)
(Photo Ross Maxwell)

Engine: Cosworth BDG

FIA Ref: 99/772

HTP Ref: FIA Vehicle Identity No: 24455  Form No: GB5957

Historical Notes:
The car was constructed for Richard Shardlow in 1971, he raced the car with Terry Croker at Brands Hatch in the BOAC 1000kms. He sold the car after the meeting to Jo Siffert, who raced it with Gerard Larousse at Salzburgring in 1971. In June 1971 Gerard Larouse raced the car at Silverstone in the Martini Trophy.
The car was then sold to Jorg Zaborowski who competed at the Nurgburgring in 1972
Bob Howlings owned the car from 1979/1980
Roy Lane - 1980 to 1982, he Hill-Climbed the car
Richrd Fry had the car from 1982 to 1988 and raced it in the HSCC GT Races
Ted Williams owned the car 1988/1989 and raced it in Steigenberger Super Cup Races and HSCC GT Races
Chris Chiles bought the car in 1989 raced the car in the Steigenberger Series, then raced in Supersports and was overall Champion in 1992 and 1994.
I bought the car from Chris Chiles in 2003 and raced it in The Orwell Supersports Cup and 1st in class, 2nd overall in 2005
The car was featured in the:
Chevron Catalogue 1971
Autosport June 1971
Autosport December 1971

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